Video Marketing Services

Are you interested in marketing your services through video?

We provide affordable video marketing services for small businesses. The videos we create will help you promote your services and engage your customers.

Using awesome animated videos, we help you show customers how your service solve their problem. See below for some example videos that we’ve created for other businesses.

Example Videos

Let us help you tell your story through a video that’s professional, entertaining and engaging.

Why is video important for my business?

There are many reasons to add video into your marketing mix. Some people would rather watch a video than read the same content. People’s attention spans are short so video keeps their attention and helps them remember information. When you use video in your marketing, it allows you to:

  • Help customers understand how your service helps them.
  • Provide useful content for your customers in a way they want to receive it.
  • Keep customers engaged on your website and with your brand.

In the United States, adults spend approximately 6 hours per day watching video. That’s one-third of their waking hours… watching video. That means American adults are training their brains to receive content through video.

How long does it take to create a video?

After you provide content (e.g., logo, images, and details about your business and your customers), we’ll create a first draft of your video within 1-2 weeks. We can discuss any changes you request. After you approve, we provide you with an MP4 video file that you can use for YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Side note: If you’re trying to rank your website on Google, we recommend uploading your video on YouTube because Google owns YouTube. Google wants people use their services so that also helps your SEO efforts.

Do you make customized videos?

Yes, we customize the video to your story (see examples above). But we might not fully customize every frame and every detail. We use video templates to tell your story in a masterful way. That saves you time and money so you can use your new video to promote your services quickly and affordably.

Other companies offer fully customized videos for $2,000-$7,000 (sometimes even $10,000-$25,000!). Small businesses cannot afford that, and most don’t need that level of service.

Get Started

Contact us to find out if our video marketing service is right for you. If yes, you’ll provide answers to a few questions that helps us better understand your business and your customers.