Google Ads Campaign Management

Trying To Figure Out How To Manage Your Google Ads Campaigns Profitably?

Your potential customers are searching online for the services you provide. You’re trying to figure out: “How do I get my business in front of those customers?”

We can help you set up your Google Ads account properly and manage your advertising campaigns to ensure you are making the most of your investment.

You Know Google Ads Can Help You Grow Your Business

Google is one of the keys to unlock your business growth. Google is the most dominant search engine in the United States with a 90% share of searches. People use Google to search on desktop and on mobile devices to find the services you provide.

But Managing Google Ads Campaigns Is Complex and Challenging…

You’re not alone. Our clients typically hire us because they find themselves in one or more of these scenarios:

  • You tried managing your Google Ads campaigns, and it hasn’t worked.

    You’re struggling to get your advertising campaigns to work. You’ve tried Google’s recommendations, but they didn’t help and ended up costing more money with worse results. Now you’re more confused and frustrated. Yet you still know that Google Ads can work. So you’re looking to hire someone like us to make your campaigns profitable.

  • You don’t have time to keep up with all of Google’s changes.

    You’re overwhelmed with all the new features, tools and changes that Google Ads introduces. You’ve seen how Google Ads changed over time. You saw the right side ads go away. You know about: exact match, phrase match, broad match, modified broad match, negative keywords, expanded text ads, responsive ads, dynamic search ads, etc. But each change took time to learn and understand just to figure out if it’s right for your business. You feel like managing your campaigns have become more and more complex and challenging. And you don’t want your campaigns to get weaker over time. So you want to hire someone like us to utilize the right features to help your business grow.

  • You want an expert to do it right the first time.

    You know you can reach many more customers through Google Ads. But you don’t want to figure out keyword research or how to set up your Google Ads account properly. (Those are two critically important aspects for successful campaigns.) Instead, you want an expert who has hands-on experience in Google Ads and can work directly with your Web team, if needed. So you want to hire someone like us to set up and manage your ad campaigns to drive high quality leads every month.

And You Don’t Want To Waste Any More Time or Money…

Perhaps you’ve been struggling, feeling frustrated or even overwhelmed when you think about Google Ads. Maybe you’ve tried to figure it out yourself. Or maybe you’ve just been thinking about using Google Ads. And you know Google is happy to collect your money every month. But you want to finally get it right, and now you found us…

Now You Found Us…

Typically, we save our clients 10%-20% or more in just the first month. Our clients make the most of their ad spend and get results (high quality leads). So our service pays for itself AND continually improves our clients’ advertising results each and every month. That makes our clients very happy.

We’ve been helping businesses manage Google Ads campaigns (formerly Google AdWords) since 2006. Some of the businesses we’ve helped include:

  • Environmental testing laboratory
  • Nationwide charity
  • Specialty testing lab
  • Pharmaceutical testing lab
  • Payroll service for small businesses (the service was later sold to a Big 5 bank)
  • Weight loss clinic
  • Smoking cessation clinic

Before, they gave that money away to Google because their accounts weren’t set up properly or weren’t optimized for their business goals. Now their ad campaigns bring in new business every month.

What People Say About Our Google Ads Campaign Management Service

Ready To Make Google Ads Work For You?

We can probably help you. We have strong experience driving B2B and B2C sales leads for in-demand niche and technical services. Contact us to see if we’re a good fit to work together.